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Raison d’etre

The Dwarven Morning project began in 2009 as an exploration into the symbols of the Germanic North. As time went on, connections between those symbols and eternal metaphysical principles began to take shape. It has now resolved itself in the following thesis:

1) The Gods of the North and their far-flung analogues are the same gods, borne in the same ancient language, carried by the same people, to the far corners of Europe, Asia, and beyond. Thor is Zeus is Indra is Perun is Jupiter.

2) Connection to the truths of these Gods was severed as a necessary development in the consciousness of the Indo-European nobility.

3) The new symbols of the new metaphysical system adopted by the people of the West was incongruent with their language, their history, and their values.

4) The Buddha, being a member of the Indo-European nobility, being a product of and a culmination of the accumulated knowledge of of the Indo-European peoples, better represents the authentic continuation of the European spiritual quest than Christianity.

In short: Ragnarok happened, and the Buddha represents the way forward.

To this end, we endeavor to find ways to help reconnect Indo-Europeans with Truth. Through runes, through myth, through symbols, through practice, and through dedication, we dedicate this project to continual progress towards the liberating knowledge of the Buddha, in service to the Indo-European peoples to whom the message is vital.